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2 to 4 October 2023

Directed by Diana Ferrantini

Assistant Marina Carluccio


The workshop is aimed at all professional dancers, actors, circus artists and mimes. The workshop will be conducted in English


The workshop will be the exploration of the particular methodology that Teatro del Lemming has developed since its inception in the late 80’s. The peculiarity of Lemming’s work is the use of the senses. The works of the company are based on the sensorial and dramaturgical involvement of the audience hence the performer has to be a guide for the spectator: her role is to be trusted by the spectator and, to obtain this trust, she must listen, adapt herself and be in constant dialogue with the spectator. These elements are the foundations of performers training and are the material of the workshop done by Teatro del Lemming:


The performer is a GUIDE: the one who is able to lead the spectator in the beyond of performance. To be a guide, the performer has to improve her skills of LISTENING – ADAPTATION – DIALOGUE. The work of Lemming’s performers develops these three principles simultaneously in four directions: toward herself, toward her partners, in the space, toward the spectator. The main instrument of this research is body. The sense/the senses of the body. In this type of scenic work, the body isn’t a prosthesis of the mind, but is fullness, is something naked that permits the nakedness of the aim and the truth of the encounter with other aims and other bodies. For us the five senses of the performer are an appeal to fullness of life and a way to reach the beyond of performance and the creative skills of the performer. Relating with herself, with her partners, with the space and with the spectator, the performer has to bare herself radically, has to research deeply the listening and the attention toward herself and the others.


Teatro del Lemming is an experimental theatre company founded in 1987 by Massimo Munaro and Martino Ferrari. Funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture since 1997 the company has won many awards including Prize Totola, Prize Piccoli Palcoscenici, the UBU prize, Giuseppe Bartolucci and Silver Snowflake at the Sarajevo Winter Festival. Teatro del Lemming is recognized as one of the leading companies of the new Italian and European theatre.


Period: 2-3-4 October 2023

Venue: Hus 8 Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins väg 6, 413 14 Göteborg

Daily working hours: 10 a.m. to 2.30 p.m (including a few shorter breaks/no lunch break)

To apply, send your application to by September 30, 2023.

The application must include a brief CV/bio and a few lines on your intention and aspirations of following the workshop.


Confirmation of acceptance will be communicated by September 30, 2023, the latest, along with information on what objects to bring to the workshop.


If selected, attendance is required the entire duration of the workshop.

The workshop is free of charge.


Supported by The International Dance Program at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

and The City of Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee

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