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While leaving I lost my way. It was suddenly too late to turnback.

I found myself in the middle of a plain. And large wheels circulated everywhere.

Certainly their size was one hundred times that of mine. And others were still larger.

As for me, at their approach, I whispered softly, as if to myself, almost without seeing

them, “Wheel, don’t crush me...Wheel, I beg of you don’t crush me...

Wheel, do me a favor, don’t crush me.”

They arrived, stirring up a strong wind and went away.

I staggered.

Now, since months:“Wheel, don’t crush me...Wheel, again this time, don’t crush me.”

And no one intervenes! And nothing can stop it.

I will remain like this until my death.

Premiered 2012


By: Anmar Taha

Music: Dag Rosenqvist

Production: Iraqi Bodies


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