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RITE OF EXILE: Part 1–Bandaged Face (or On War)

From Swaying through Standing to Dead Body


A desolate landscape. Flickering in the right-hand back corner is the faded light from a burning bush. Is it the bush of Moses – or just an accidental fire caused by the gunfire a couple of minutes ago…


A woman falls. From above. With a broken leg she is left to fend for herself. Passers by have no time, they pass and pass and pass. She dies.


Walking through the desert. The minaret sounds out. A family appears, one by one they drown in the lake of sun underneath them.


In a barrel faces appear. One by one they sink, sink through their own skin.

In the end is the bush.

Premiered 2016

Director: Anmar Taha

Assistant Director: Josephine Gray

With: Margherita Landi, Xeni Kottaki, Marianna Stathaki and Ariadni Psychogiopoulou

Production: Iraqi Bodies

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