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Clear out your body,

Normally, our daily ego believes that it is the owner and director of our body.

When the body is moved by another power, the ego feels this as an intrusion.

When you try to clear out your body, you may feel fear or resistance.

It is the edge between ego and an egoless state,Taste the edge deeply!!

Taste the reason why your ego feels fear or resistance.

Try to listen to what your life feels.

If you can catch the difference between ego and life, you will notice that your ego doesn't like the feeling, but that your life enjoys being moved.

Your life is moved by the familiar Qualia of all.



Possessed was the final stage production of the graduating students of Balettakademin in Gothenburg Sweden in 2012


Choreography: Anmar Taha

Video: Josephine Gray

Performers: Graduating students of Balettakademin Göteborg, Sweden




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