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PITY: Part 5

The tragic quality in performance is counter-intuitive; in real life we shun the view of corpses, decay and death yet in artistic representation we take great pleasure in them.

PITY: Part 5 began as an exploration of Brabantio–Desdemona’s abandoned father. What is left from that exploration are the traces of rhetoric, power struggles and moving images of which Iraqi Bodies invite you to take part in through the performance.


Choreographer: Anmar Taha

Dramaturge: Josephine Gray

Performers: Anmar Taha & Josephine Gray

Light design: Anmar Taha

Sound design: Josephine Gray

Mask/Puppetry: Josephine Gray

Set design: Iraqi Bodies

Production: Iraqi Bodies


With support from The Swedish Arts Council and Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee. Developed in residency at Danscentrum Väst.

Premiered 2021

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