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Iraqi Bodies hosts Italian Teatro del Lemming

6-8 October 2023  at Konstepidemin


“THE SPECTATOR'S THEATRE” is the poetics originated and developed by Teatro del Lemming over the past 40 years. Within this framework they question the relation between actor and spectator. Teatro del Lemming is an experimental theatre company founded in 1987 by Massimo Munaro and Martino Ferrari. Funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture since 1997 the company has won many awards including Prize Totala, Prize Piccoli Palcoscenici, the UBU prize, Giuseppe Bartolucci and Silver Snowflake at the Sarajevo Winter Festival. Teatro del Lemming is recognized as one of the leading companies of the new Italian and European theatre.


During the last sixteen years their research has focused on myth. Through the myth, the actors build bridges between them and the spectators, crossing all conventional barriers and borders and thereby create a real human relation. In Gothenburg the company will perform Edipo–an adaptation of Sophocle’s ancient tragedy for one spectator at a time at Konstepedemin Hus 8.  On Sunday 8/10 there will also be a public talk with the company’s actors at ADAS Teater.  This is a rare opportunity to meet with the actors of the company and to engage with their work head-to-head.

The talk will be led by Iraqi Bodies’ artistic director Josephine Gray.


“Edipo is a unique occasion to experiment with new way of playing and a new idea of Theatre as such. Edipo subverts conventions, crumbles convictions, effects a unique experience. Who is the spectator and who is the actor? Am I in a real space or in an imagination? Am I the maker of my destiny or is it destiny that directs my actions? During the performance these questions defy rational logic in favour of emotional tension. The one who lives Edipo actually feels that only in one’s solitude can we discovr  our own multitude.”

- Director Massimo Munaro


Director & Music: Massimo Munaro

Dramaturgical assistance: Roberto Domeneghetti

Actors: Marina Carluccio, Diana Ferrantini, Silvia Massicci, Elisa Rocco, Alessio Papa

 & Fiorella Tommasini




6 October 16.00/16.30/17.00/17.30/18.00/18.30/19.00/19.30/20.00/20.30

7 October 16.00/16.30/17.00/17.30/18.00/18.30/19.00/19.30/20.00/20.30

8 October 12.00/12.30/13.00/13.30/14.00/14.30/15.00/15.30/16.00/16.30


VENUE:  Konstepidemin Hus 8, Konstepidemins väg 6, 413 14 Göteborg

Tickets at (50/100SEK)


Public talk (free entrance):

8/10 18.00

VENUE: ADAS Teater, Ateljé 201, Konstepidemins väg 6, 413 14 Göteborg


More info about the company at

Supported by The International Dance Program at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The City of Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee

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