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RITE OF EXILE: Part 2 – Wounded Eye (or On Love)


From Unfolding through Shivering to Flower


He is left alone. Waiting he holds onto his shoe. If she comes he will let it go.


From behind the glass window she tries to get a glimpse. To just get one glimpse of her. An apparition of scented hair.

Against them, against us, they violate. Groups of five they take up air, they breath fire, they need to be stopped. From beneath she conquers them.


In serenity a harp is heard. While cutting her nails he approaches. Up on high they will be judged.

When speaking of love, does it have any value today? What constitutes an act of love and how does it survive through the pains of war in relations to family, friends and romantic ideals? Where are the acts of love that react against the violence? And where is the violent love that rejects being suppressed by familial oppression or state surveillance?

Director: Anmar Taha

Assistant Director/Dramaturge: Josephine Gray

Production: Iraqi Bodies, Riksteatern Hallunda

Supported by: Iraqi Bodies is supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The Municipality of Gothenburg and The Region of West Sweden

Developed through a Production Residency at RIKSTEATERN Hallunda

Premiered 2017

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