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The Forsaken


Five characters bound by fate to endure, struggle and strive towards an ultimate end.

It is now as it has been since the beginning of time a continuous resonance with life itself.

Yet the resonance disturbed, ill-fated by the counsel of the wretched.

Only in the innocent can truth be found.

Thereby beauty unfolds itself.

For truth is the only beauty that can manifest itself in the hearts

of men as the guiding moral of complete resonance with himself and the ones around him.

Five characters faced with an inexcusable act of disobedience forced upon them by higher orders, by higher decrees.


Choreography: Anmar Taha

Performers: Antigoni Choundri, Margherita Landi, Sara Axelsson, Lizette Rönnquist, Gustaf Jönsson, Anmar Taha

Scenography: Hayder Kiven, Josephine Gray

Mask: Josephine Gray

Production: Iraqi Bodies


Premiered 2014

With support from:

The Swedish Arts Council

Gothenburg City Culture Committee








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