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– A theatrical piece on the fragility of life and the endless games played by humanity.

The current of being has two defined points; birth and death, both a mystery to our understanding. As a new-born child we have no knowledge of why we were born, suddenly we are here. Later in life we understand the mechanics of how life comes to be but we never fully understand or even remember how we came to be. Later in life the process of degeneration in the body tells us that we will not be here forever, a darkness awaits similar to the one we came from.

Conceived by Anmar Taha
Director: Josephine Gray
Performer: Anmar Taha
Mask: Josephine Gray
Stage/light/music/costume design: Iraqi Bodies
Production: Iraqi Bodies
Supported by The City of Gothenburg


With support from The Swedish Arts Council, Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee and The Region of Västragötaland.

Photo: Elena Perota

Premiered 2022

Elena Perota_GBG MIME FEST_13.09_IRAQI BODIES7.jpg
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