Claudia Castellucci (ITA)

Dromena and Legomena: A Divergent Concordance


The fundamental model for the art of speech and action that I would like to describe is the ellipse. The centre that unites these two distant focal points is dramaturgy, the theatrical technique that brings together dromena and legomena, words and actions. Here, however, I would like to analyse their separation, which also implies a nostalgia for the centre and for their union.


The centre of the circle is now split into the two focal points of the ellipse: dromena and legomena; words and actions. Each has its own specific and autonomous force field, which we also recognise in many other dualities, such as the difference between myth and ritual. The ellipse thus becomes the curve along which the two fundamental elements of theatrical language, speech and action, are reflected.


Claudia Castellucci is the co-founder, with Romeo Castellucci and with Chiara and Paolo Guidi, of the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (now Societas), a theatre company that since the 1980s has established its reputation internationally with a radical reinvention of the language for the stage. In 2020 she received the Silver Lion for Dance from La Biennale di Venezia.