The Last Freedom is a series of etudes marked by what humanity longs for most but seldom manages to achieve–total freedom. In this quest for freedom, we are waiting.

Waiting: a concept that is not strictly speaking sensed by our experience. We believe that we are waiting as we enter and exit situations that constantly dissolve. Waiting as a mirage full of promises that never reach fulfillment. But what are we waiting for? Ourselves, others, the State, the war or the revolution?


Premiere 22 April 2022 at Teater Trixter in Gothenburg.

More dates, 23,24,27,28,29 April


Choreographer: Anmar Taha

Dramaturge: Josephine Gray

Performers: Anmar Taha, Josephine Gray, Malin Kvist & Kyrie Oda

Light/Sound/Set/Mask: Anmar Taha & Josephine Gray

Light -and soundtechnician: Miranda Seiborg Wikström

Production: Iraqi Bodies


With support from The Swedish Arts Council, Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee and The Region of Västragötaland.