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The Last Freedom is a series of etudes marked by what humanity longs for most but seldom manages to achieve–total freedom. In this quest for freedom, we are waiting.

Waiting: a concept that is not strictly speaking sensed by our experience. We believe that we are waiting as we enter and exit situations that constantly dissolve. Waiting as a mirage full of promises that never reach fulfillment. But what are we waiting for? Ourselves, others, the State, the war or the revolution?

Choreographer: Anmar Taha

Dramaturge: Josephine Gray

Performers: Anmar Taha, Josephine Gray, Malin Kvist & Kyrie Oda

Light/Sound/Set/Mask: Anmar Taha & Josephine Gray

Light -and soundtechnician: Miranda Seiborg Wikström

Production: Iraqi Bodies


With support from The Swedish Arts Council, Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Committee and The Region of Västragötaland.

Photo: Elena Perota

Premiered 2022

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