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Body & Identities

Identity 0: Vowels


Black A, white E, red I, green U, blue O - vowels,
Some day I will open your silent pregnancies:
A, black belt, hairy with burst flies,
Bumbling and buzzing over stinking cruelties,

Pits of night; E, candour of sand pavilions,
High glacial spears, white kings, trembling Queen
Anne's lace;
I, bloody spittle, laughter dribbling from a face
In wild denial or in anger, vermilions;

U,…divine movement of viridian seas,
Peace of pastures animal-strewn, peace of calm lines
Drawn on foreheads worn with heavy alchemies;

O, supreme Trumpet, harsh with strange stridencies,
Silences traced in angels and astral designs:
O…Omega…the violet light of His Eyes!


Choreography: Anmar Taha

Performers: Jan Rådvik, Hayder Chokan, Lena Dahlén, Kimona Wrede,

Josephine Gray & Anmar Taha

Music: Dag Rosenqvist

Production: Iraqi Bodies


Premiered 2012

With support from:

The Swedish Arts Council

Gothenburg City Culture Committee

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee


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