Body & Identities

Identity 1: Gerontion


An appalling-looking man enters and looks at himself in a mirror.


"Why do you look at yourself in the glass,

since the sight of your reflection can only be painful to you?"

The appalling-looking man replies:

"Sir, according tothe immortal principles of '89,

all men are equal beforethe law;

therefore I have the right to look at myself in the glass;

with pleasure or pain, that is an entirely personal matter."


In respect to common sense, I was certainly right;

but from the point of view of the law, he was not wrong.





Gerontion premiered September 20th 2013 at Cinnober Teater in Gotheburg, Sweden.



Choreography: Anmar Taha

Masks: Josephine Gray

Performers: Jan Rådvik, Anmar Taha

Production: Iraqi Bodies


With support from:

The Swedish Arts Council

Göteborgs Stad Kulturnämnd