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Prosopon is a long-term research project instigated by Josephine Gray that includes sessions that investigates the movements that arise in a solitary versus a collective body. Engaging performers from across dance, theatre and mime for each session the research also includes workshops by invited artists and talks/lectures on topics related to the notion of persona/face/mask.


Prosopon is the Ancient Greek word for face/mask. The idea of prosopon was rehabilitated by Christians in the first century AD. We find, for example, the use of “prosopon” in the Septaguint, especially in the Psalms where it is used to denote God’s Face. The act of prosopon in this context is the unveiling of God’s face.

In the first part of the century, it was the simple power of the mask to come alive that caused wonder in Athenians, and we see this mystery played out in the ceremony of the masked and bearded idol. By the end of the century it was the ability of the mask to turn male into female that seemed its most conspicuous feature, and the androgynous conception of Dionysos meshed with that power.


We will announce public activities continually–stay tuned for the autumn program!



Working sessions:

Teater Trixter – May

Vitlycke Center for Performing Arts – June

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