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Killing From a Distance - questioning the game of war.


We are concerned and frightened with the current state of political affairs that has been evolving in Europe as well as in the Middle East. The last couple of months have been a parade for the ferocious IS in Iraq and Syria – leaving piles of burnt bodies in their trail. World leaders have since decided to put an end to IS by agreeing to send military forces and wage war in both Syria and Iraq. In reality that means that homes of families are being ruthlessly bombed in the name of ‘anti-terrorism’. This alliance of the West has also expressed their reluctance to find common points with Russia and Iran in their so-called fight against IS. To us this looks suspicious. At the same time Europe has seen an alarming rise of nationalist and fascist parties taking hold over a large number of people in the latest EU elections. The latest of this trend being the victory of the Sverigedemokraterna in the recent Swedish parliamentary elections. What we are seeing – internationally and in Sweden – is a negation of human values. We watch the media and are time and time again met with reporters and journalists asking empty questions of ‘why?’ and ‘how could this happen?’ We fear that these questions will lead to a bigger sense of apathy and helplessness in the citizens of Europe.


We are left silent in our homes with an aching soul and heart – with no one to turn to or to ask for help.

We refuse this silence. Now is not the time to be numb. We start over.




Killing From A Distance is a submersion into the depths of torment and absurdity. It is a place-in-between. Neither alive nor dead. It is a forgotten place no one no longer visits after the battle has been fought between big ego-states. It is a place where all the lost souls wander in confusion, contemplating their brief existence on this earth, which was filled with committing inexcusable acts.

He appears. Reappears. Start over.

Director/Choreographer: Anmar Taha

With: Ioanna Antonarou, Nabil el Barrage, Lena Dahlén, Gustaf Jönsson, Josephine Gray & Anmar Taha

Production: Iraqi Bodies

Premiered 2014


Developed in residency at Akropoditi Dance Theatre,


Syros, Greece.


Supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish


Arts Grants Committee and

Gothenburg City Culture Committee



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