From...Distance is a submersion into the depths of torment and absurdity. It is a place-in-between. Neither alive nor dead. It is a forgotten place no one no longer visits after the battle has been fought between big ego-states. It is a place where all the lost souls wander in confusion, contemplating their brief existence on this earth, which was filled with committing inexcusable acts.



He appears. Reappears. Start over.



Iraqi Bodies will present a preview of their work Killing From A Distance at Monty Theater in Antwerp, Belgium 28 October at 20.30h and at Cinnober Teater in Göteborg, Sweden 7-8 November at 19.00h.



Director: Anmar Taha

With: Gustaf Jönsson, Lena Dahlén & Anmar Taha

Production: Iraqi Bodies

Supported by Statens Kulturråd and Göteborgs Stad Kultur